Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Aussie Re-inforcements Arrive

Sipping my usual 'special order' coffee in Starbucks on Victoria Street yesterday, Guido thought he saw a familiar face (given the special bit is generous slug of cognac from my hipflask, I may have been mistaken). But the shiny slap head, the Aussie twang, it seems to me that it must be, the one, the only, Mark Textor. Here no doubt to help his old mate Lynton give the Tories a final Aussie style finish. Guido fears that it is going to end sadly for Crosby-Textor and the Tories.

But they at least put up a proper fight this time.

And 10 out of 10 to Saatchi for the audacious robbery of New Labour's new campaign slogan. Labour's pitch to the public sector payroll vote "If You Value It, Vote For It" has become "If You Value The Truth, Vote For It".
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I'm not thinking what they're thinking ie. portraying the Tories as the underdog and imploring people to vote anti-Labour to prevent a forgone conclusion, will work. They have a different electoral system over there.


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