Monday, February 28, 2005

Defending Ken

I've never been a fan of Ken Livingstone, but I don't mind standing up in his defence over this anti-semitism row. The Evening Standard has been out to get him for ages so it's deeply opportunistic for them to hound the man and then criticise him when he snaps.

Let's go over what happened. The guy has gone to a private party, had a few drinks and then left, late at night. As his walking down the road, some Standard journo - Oliver Finegold - starts harrassing him over how the party went. The inference from Finegold is this - Your life is mine. Your private life is mine. I demand access to every part of your life and no aspect of your life may remain your own.

And Finegold, despite any ethical misgivings he might have, continues to harrass Ken because he is paid to do so. "It's my job" is supposed to be his defence. Well I can see how that might have been the plea from concentration camp guards.

It's true that given Finegold's Jewish heritage, Ken's remarks were not diplomatic - But if I were Finegold, I'd be grateful I didn't get a smack in the chops.

Recess in Wack a Journo Shocka!
Harassment? He asked him a question politely - I've listened to the tape. Ken was pissed. "Private party", oh, we Londoners just paid for it...


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