Sunday, February 27, 2005

He Does a Lot of Work for Charity Reform but Doesn't Like to Talk About It

Am I alone in spotting a possible connection to Noel Edmonds' recent donation to the Labour Party and the prospect of an Alan Milburn roadshow?

(note to Recess Monkey and Guido: Alan Milburn is an easy source of election-time knocking copy. Gordon will repay the favour next month, wink wink.)

The article might suggest that Gordon is slightly browned off with Milburn over the roadshow, but he should pity the maned one really, not least as his hanging out with Mick Hucknall and co. appears to have generated some backbench ire.

You are not alone, I mentioned Edmond's donation last week and some rather less savoury backers of Blair. Peter Stringfellow's generous backing of the Tories continues to go unrecognised. I am campaigning for a Sir Peter Stringfellow.


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