Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Tampon allowed to marry

The Lord Chancellor (or Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs as he's known when not wearing a wig) hath decreed that the Royal Wedding is legal and above board and that we may all gorge ourselves silly at street parties and the like.

But Queen Camilla remains guilty, before the eyes of the public if not the law, of a) not being the People's Princess and b) being a bit of a minger, truth be known.

What's more interesting is the effect that the wedding might have on the General Election. In their inconsiderate plans to hold their wedding a day after my 30th birthday (they might have checked, tsk!), the Charles and Camilla nuptials are slap bang in the middle of the election period. But in these times of increased constitutional deference on the part of the Labour Party, it's not likely to have that much of an effect, surely?

Give me the Parliamentary Labour Party of the Attlee era any day of the week. At least they threatened to vote down the Civil List. I can't imagine Blair tolerating that for a single second.

Is it slap bang in the middle of the election period? It doesn't have to be on May 5. It could be a ruse to encourage the Tories to spend their money on posters.


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