Monday, April 04, 2005

It's The Constitution, Stupid

Some people suffer from obsessive/compulsive disorder. I, unlike most Labour MPs, seem to suffer from obsessive rationalism and as such I've generally thought of myself as a natural republican on, um, rational grounds. But to be honest, the recent debacles, of which the press raked over considerably today, have actually engendered some feelings of sympathy for the royals on my part.

My co-blogger on here Recess Monkey, when he's not busily contesting blog polls, is as I am sure you're aware, hoping to become a Labour MP in the near future and has even got a constituency lined up to that effect. Today he did his bit and declared allegiance to the monarchy, way before he might legally be required to were he to overturn a Tory majority in order to do so. He ought to be careful though, not all Labour PPCs are given free reign to enter Lord St John of Fawsley territory.

It is an absolute mess though. In spite of successive Fabian pamphlets imploring action, New Labour ignored the need to tidy up the legislation surrounding the royals' existence and now Charles has to suffer the indignity of having soon-to-be-ex-MP Chris Leslie ruling on it all for him. Still, the one thing that makes the charade of that existence bearable is the fact that news stories like this remain yet to be written:

RED-FACED Labour officials last night denied that any underhand tactics determined the party's decision to instruct its union affiliates not to ballot their members on the electoral college votes for its candidate in the UK's first presidential election. The decision, revealed in a leaked report to be considered by the party's national executive, will boost those in the party who believe it should not contest the election and instead give its support to the House of Windsor's own candidate...


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