Monday, April 11, 2005

New Kid's On The Blog

Mrs Fawkes delivered Ms Fawkes, after 27 hours in labour, on Sunday. Born within the sound of Big Ben's Bells at St Thomas's Hospital, opposite the Houses of Parliament. Guido is lost for words at the sight of his 7lb 6 oz's of pure cliché.

It should be pointed out that Guido is not the only recent father as my household was increased by one, 10 days ago, with the arrival of Rafael into this world (doing my bit for Anglo-Brazilian relations). Hence the increase in bloggage over paternity leave period that will cease now I am back at work and immersed in analysing the Tory manifesto and the wash-up Acts.

It must be something about blogging and fatherhood as these guys also had a recent arrival themselves.

So now they know the real reason virile bloggers wear pyjamas.

Kennedy's wife goes into hospital to give birth and he launches a blog, on the same day? There's something going on here.

And no jokes about her going into Labour, please.