Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Other Election

I couldn't help but raise a wry smirk at tomorrow night's TV listings as BBC2 are showing a film called Kiss Me Guido. Which reminds me, what happened to my co-bloggers Guido and Recess Monkey, both of whom were shortlisted for the Guardian's Political Weblog Awards? They said that the vote was to close on Monday but it seems very much open at the moment and there's no word on a winner.

Guido was way out in front, last time I looked, but along with most of the other shortlisted bloggers withdrew in a token protest, leaving only Recess Monkey on the shortlist. So who wins? The only remaining willing candidate or the unwilling candidate with the most votes? I suspect Guido will raise a yawn at this but for those who voted, well, it would be nice to know the outcome.

Despite a few days of frenetic blogging on their part recently, The Guardian has so far has been silent on the matter. I won't cry 'banana republic' at this stage but I've heard of secret ballots, never secret results.


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