Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Don't Like Something?

Just label it as befitting or disgracing a "banana republic" then. It's the political insulte du moment:

"Mr Livingstone is acting more like a 'tin pot dictator' in a banana republic than a responsible leader who listens to what Londoners want," said Conservative congestion charging spokesman Angie Bray."

'Tories criticise mayor over c-charge hike'

In any case, the "Kengestion Charge" is a live political issue where I live as it's on the border of the proposed extension and apparently, my Tory hopeful tells me in his latest e-bulletin, house prices will plummet if it goes ahead. Talk about politics of fear. A good job my landlord doesn't live there then.

And there was me thinking that Banana Republic was a moderately upscale US clothing retailer. I wonder what my banana-fixated co-blogger has to say on the matter?


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