Wednesday, April 06, 2005

LibDems in Election Dirty Tricks Shocker

After Tory cuts gaffes and Labour's surreptitious audio recordings, the LibDems now stand accused of dirty tricks.

I feel violated just seeing his pictureRumours abound that dire poet and MP for Shrewsbury & Atcham Paul Marsden (retiring due to ill health) has applied to rejoin the Labour Party - having defected from Labour to the LibDems less than four years ago.

This can only be a devious and calculated move by the LibDems to undermine Labour's election chances by associating the party with one of the country's most reviled and unattractive politicians.

Thanks to a new friend for the tip.
Recess Monkey

To rat out on your party once is something, but to re-rat is really special.

Anyway this reminds me that the Returning Officers are still short a LibDem connected blogger to balance up our election coverage. We had one potential blogger, but he was a candidate in a winnable seat so decided either not to risk it or to devote the time to his campaign. Contact us if you are interested. Sense of humour essential.


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