Wednesday, April 13, 2005

They Lost On Points

Hon. Fiend gives his take on the manifesto, pretty much arriving at the same conclusion as me in that if 1983 represented "the longest suicide note in history", then you'll just want to commit suicide out of sheer boredom after reading this offensively-anodyne document.

Where I depart from Fiend is that the section on immigration is a thoroughly shameful aping of Tory policy on the introduction of a points system. Some might say that's not so much yawn-inducing as vomit-inducing in its grasp for populist approval. So much for choice.

However, that's not how the Evening Standard sees it, given its 1992-esque lead article tonight. Why don't they just admit they're Tories?

Update: Thanks for pointing out that the Standard subsequently toned down the anti-Labour rhetoric and injected some equivocacy into what ran in the final edition. Is Veronica Wadley wobbling in her bid to be the next Paul Dacre?


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