Thursday, May 05, 2005

Bullish in Defeat

Bozzer dictates a garbled message via The Spectator's attempt at blogging while out on the stump today:

"I've just been standing in a Conservative committee room watching the votes spool ever upwards like house prices in Oxfordshire; I am therefore full of confidence that whatever happens we are now seeing the end of the Blair premiership. Even if – which I do not for a moment concede – Tony Blair hangs on to his job tonight, he will find it increasingly unbearable. Not only will he face a revived and invigorated Tory party, but also ranged behind him will be the vengeful spirits of his backbenchers, consumed with self-loathing for what they supported in Iraq, and determined to jugulate Mr Tony as soon as they can."

An inverted pyramid of piffle, if you ask me.


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