Friday, May 06, 2005

We're All Brownites Now

Am now working to more deadlines than a global courier service but the election's over and so's this blog. As post-election atmospheres go, this is a weird one and no doubt Tony Blair agrees with me. Obviously Egregious George's election was unfortunate. Otis Ferry, what a muppet. Tim Collins, har-har. Chris Maines, what went wrong there? Iain Dale, blimey. Stephen Twigg, Chris Leslie, hmmm. Barbara Roche and Geraint Davies means two new GLA members soon. Roger Casale probably needs to go back to politics lecturing. Peter Law, words fail me.

Someone ought to do a Tory leadership contest blog. I'm not volunteering myself but it would be amusing to note the twists and turns. Then again, Liam Fox is just amusing full-stop.

Update 1: looks like Guido will be the unofficial Tory leadership contest blog.
Update 2: reshuffle was a non-event, Amos, Beckett and McCartney still in, Murphy out; Reid not at FCO; Browne, Hutton and Miliband promoted; Blunkett gets some of first Cabinet post back but no 'enforcer' role; Department for Productivity, Energy and Industry?


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