Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Another Year to Go, Perhaps...

Real Returning Officers might find this useful, though they probably already know about it so I'll revise my statement mid-sentence and say that political anoraks might also find it useful. It contains a less wordy and legalistic ruling on when the election can take place than you might find elsewhere too:

The date for the next general election has not been confirmed. It could be any time between now and July 2006. The last date which it can be held is Wednesday 5 July 2006, assuming the proclamation dissolving parliament is made on Monday 12 June 2006 with election writs issued on the same day. Parliament was summoned to re-assemble after the 7 June 2001 general election on 13 June 2001. It can not continue to sit beyond five years from that date, which is 12 June 2006.

Remember, nothing set in stone...


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