Saturday, March 05, 2005

"Even Ricky Martin couldn't fly"

Like many people, I've been sprinting home of a Friday evening to be in time for Nathan Barley. And bloody amusing it is too.

There's just one thing, though. If Nathan Barley represents a real stereotype, and I'm sure he does (I know he does, in fact), I wonder who he'd vote for in the forthcoming General Election?

Those of Barley's ilk, when they do get vaguely political, tend to get confused about the actual correlation between the political system and their own lives and their tendency to see politics as a bit of a lifestyle thing. So Michael Moore is in and Tony Blair's Labour Party is out. OK, so that's one party dropped from our list.

Lib Dems? Nah, too serious, man. Anti-war though, but a but stuffy and pompous.

Tories? If being 'ironic', then yes. Then again, Liam Fox did say he liked the Scissor Sisters, so perhaps we better hold on to them.

The Greens? Possibly. Anti-war and fond of slogans.

Ah, but so are Respect. And out of the two, Respect are more likely to flyposter somewhere with a Banksy-esque graphic. A definite then.

So there you have it. Respect and the Tories, the parties of Nathan Barley types.

I'm not sure who Nathan Barley would vote for- but it occurs to me that guerilla webmaster Nathan Barley is in fact like Labour's web-spammer Zack Exley, a Self Facilitating New Media Node.


At 3:27 am, Blogger Nick said...

Given their desire to be oh-so-controversial, I wouldn't rule out a vote for the BNP, just to show how much they disrespect the system and are able to show their sense of irony.

Possible election competition - a prize for the best political endorsement of

At 1:18 pm, Blogger Man in Whitehall said...

Nick Barlow, Nathan Barley... those names are remarkably similar.

I think we should be told, etc. ;-)


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