Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Love Thy Psychologically-Flawed Neighbour?

Apparently Gordo (new nickname someone, please) wishes to remain in Number 11 for some time yet. No, he's not planning to switch the brass numbering on Downing Street with a screwdriver in the middle of the night but feels that he needs to stay on as Chancellor as he has "work in progress" to complete.

A fair point. But by that token, surely Robin Cook needs to be Foreign Secretary again so as to allow his ethical foreign policy to bed-down? Michael Meacher could certainly do with another stint at DEFRA so he can ensure we're all Kyoto compliant. Not convinced.

But before anyone suggests that Ron Davies could do with making sure devolution in Wales is seen through properly, one of the above two might yet make a return of sorts if the 'work in progress' is actually completed.

What I thought was interesting was that Ed Balls felt it necessary to be spinning this message at all. It tends to give some credence to the speculation that Brown might get shafted. The Blairites see him as the obstacle to The Project realising its goals in the third term.


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