Thursday, March 10, 2005

If You Believe Politicians

You need to pay more attention. Look here. I just want to re-iterate; don't vote, it only encourages the bastards.

What's your take on Liam Fox's "la la la" outburst?

First I knew about it was on this video. It seems like an off-the-cuff shorthand for etcetera, not very smart for a politician. Why is Liam Fox so senior in the Tories. Shows the lack of talent problem they have. What's your take on Blair's lying?

Liars are almost inevitably found out and dealt with, as Nixon, Clinton, Hamilton and Aitken can attest.

As for Liam Fox, if you think he lacks leadership calibre then maybe you should have a quiet word as he certainly doesn't seem to think there's a problem. He's always struck me as out of his depth politically.

His remarks were seized upon by Labour at the time and it certainly did something to reinforce the Tories' image as "the nasty party", though I do concede that Labour could be seen as somewhat nasty themselves, albeit in a different way, now.


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