Sunday, April 17, 2005

Are You Caning What We're Caning?

Guido holds forth on the sneakily-announced attack on yoof sub-culture by the hordes of kill-joy Lighthouse Family fans.

I can't stand mushrooms in any form and hallucinogens haven't really held any appeal for me since the last Tory government ceased to exist and reality wasn't so unbearable for alienated youth, but that's no reason to ban them. Considering Alastair Campbell's declared loathing of the Daily Mail, it's surprising that the Labour Party is appearing so desperate to embrace its agenda with a policy that Melanie Phillips herself could have written.

It'll merely reinforce the Labour Party's perception as 'enemy of the student' as well, though as the Fiend points out, the Lib Dems' hopes of galvanising that section of the electorate is not without problems.


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