Friday, March 11, 2005


I was rather annoyed to hear this week that Fidelity Investments had donated £150,000 to the Conservative Party in the last 9 months.

I am now in the process of closing my Fidelity ISA so that I can be sure that none of the pennies they make out of me are spent subsidising those immoral incompetents. I shall spend my meagre savings on my own efforts to get elected. In the meantime, if there are any enlightened ISA providers out there, please get in touch as I have a little business for you.

Don't you just love the free market?

Yes I do Recess, and I'm glad to see you wisely investing your peanuts in shares - capitalism works, eh? Also glad to see you up off your deathbed and in front of a keyboard. If we want to get into this boycott game, LibDem haters should boycott their biggest backers, McDonalds Hamburgers Ltd, Tesco, Independent News & Media (publishers of the Indy) and Bloomberg (though I happen to know Bloomberg give support to the Tories in kind as well - shhh, just between me and you, Bloomberg do have a flash expensive media centre and TV studio which might have been handy for filming Michael Howard last year, just don't tell the Electoral Commission). Don't forget that Mr Blobby (Noel Edmonds) gave Labour £150,000 in kind as well, so I'll have to boycott his, err, well he isn't on telly or anything anymore, is he?


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