Thursday, March 17, 2005

Initial Budget Thoughts

A good budget, not an election budget.

Longest period of sustained growth since we were all running around in blue paint and moving enormous blocks of granite from Wales to Salisbury for no clear reason.

More redistribution = Good thing
More deregulation of businesses = Good thing *qualified
Changes to inheritance tax and stamp duty = headline issues but not significant or harmful

Pensioners got a bit of a windfall though. Fat lot of good that will do us. The papers have been talking about Howard wooing the grey vote. Most of them were voting for him in the first place, they're largely already Tories. I'd like to see him wooing them properly though - candle-lit dinners, flowers, sonnets recited under the moonlight etc.

Not sure Howard really does woo well at all.

Vote Recess Monkey!

Recess, no longer a blogger, more a bull-shitter. Put on a red rosette and you start talking bollocks. If its not an election budget why is Gordo's picture all over the Labour campaign website holding a red box? Get on message Monkey!

£14 billion of privatisation, £21 billion of cuts in public expenditure, slashing Quango's, bonfire of regulations, less inspectors and workplace inspections, sacking over a hundred thousand bureaucrats and even some tax cuts. No point voting Conservative really, given they plan to stick to basically the same spending plans. Well done Comrade Brown!

Some in the City reckon there are some problems with Gordons plans, but can you see any?


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