Monday, April 18, 2005

That Respect Manifesto in Full

And the award for most predictable preamble in history goes to...

"As we have seen over the war on Iraq, there is a huge democratic deficit in Britain. Millions marched against the invasion and millions more opposed it. Yet their wishes were ignored, while those of George Bush were dutifully carried out."

The IFS have probably got better things to do with their time but page 18 reads like Andy Gilchrist's restaurant bill spending commitment-wise.

Of course, 'anti-war party to contest some seats' is not likely to garner much attention, so what better way to do that than threaten legal action against someone. It was an illegal war and this will be an illegal election etc. Galloway must love that witness box.

As another blog is fond of pointing out, George might get to spend a lot of time with the caller on line two after May 5th. And if he doesn't win, it's a fix.

And watch this space too.


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