Friday, March 18, 2005

The Evening Standard aka Tory Press Office

The Evening Standard really has given up all pretence of political impartiality. Today sees a half page fluff piece on Sanda Howard's Fiat Panda next to a full page fellation of George Osborne's ego.

A regional paper backing the Tories? Big news Recess. Labour have The Sun, The Times, The Mirror and The Guardian whereas the Tories have only The Mail and The Telegraph. Mind you the poor old LibDems have only The Indy. The FT seems to be written by Gordon Brown's spin team nowadays, City Tories read the Wall Street Journal (Neo-con bible) and the up and coming Sunday Business.

I have noticed that the Standard Diary reads your blog - or at least they seem to get the same stories as you do, only a day later. Strange that, eh?


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