Thursday, March 24, 2005

Yeah, It'sa Bleedin' Disgrace

Coming over here with their uncivilised ways, taking all our jobs. And our women.

OK, I made the last part up. Still, it's a compelling image.

'Labour turns fire on spin-doctors from Australia'

Too right. Send 'em back to the colonies.

Yankee Go Home

Boom tish! I got to about 'a' on the keyboard before I realised that would be your response. Anyhow, Michael Howard may have the 'Australian Karl Rove' as his Machiavelli, it's just a pity the real one wants nothing to do with him.

Is it a shame? Bad Al C. is said to bask in the mutual respect of the Prince of Darkness. Proud or pitiful for the people's party? Its funny how when New Labour operators brush up against real right-wing power-figures like Karl, they always end up in awe. Like Blair asking Thatcher for foreign affairs advice (before she completely went gaga of course).

Anyway as a Guido source just emailed me (from Portugal, nice work Clive) - who do you think arranged for Lynton to have the "Voter Vault" system?

Now that is the Tory's Death-Star. You have been warned, the forces of Dark Blueness will soon be in position. Tactical Voter Weapons Systems are enabled. LibDems are neutralising. Blair has already succumbed to the Dark Blue side of power. Soon nothing will stand in the way of the Blue side....


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