Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Penny in the Pound-pinching

Visitors to the Lib Dems' bran' new website are greeted by not only an earnest and statesman-like portrait of their leader but also a list of what they stand for.

If you can make it down to number six in the costed inventory of policies without falling asleep at your PC, you'll notice:

WE OPPOSE: £1.5 billion on the child trust fund
WE PROPOSE: £1.5 billion towards reducing class sizes

Given that their jocular leader is to become a dad soon, obviously he'll be donating his baby's £250 trust fund payment to a worthy cause, surely?


At 10:08 pm, Blogger Will said...

Sadly for CK, I don't think parents are allowed to opt out of the scheme on behalf of their children.


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