Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Mmmmm, Gypsy-Loathing

Thieving, scrounging, law-breaker loathing.

Popular too, except with Guardianistas...

You don't have to be a Guardianista to be slightly alarmed at the way in which the politics of Slovakia are making an appearance here, with The Sun flagging up what is ostensibly a rural issue for effect in urban areas. Besides, the former Home Secretary's not absolved of any involvement in the 'crisis' either...

Bollocks. Absolute bollocks. Nobody is talking about ethnic cleansing except Guardianista fantasists. Its a question of the rule of law applying to gypsys just like everyone else.

You're right, it's not about ethnic-cleansing. It's about singling out one section of society and over-amplifying some supposed threat. It's about making racism seem that little bit more acceptable in polite company. You don't need front-page tabloid vilification and a brainstorming session with Lynton Crosby to enforce the rule of law...


At 9:27 am, Blogger PoliticalHack said...


Roughly 100,000 travellers/gypsies and around 2500 live illegally. That's hardly a threat across the board, is it? Thanks to the 1994 Tory law change which removed the legal requirement for local authorities to provide sites, many councils don't bother.

Howard has cynically attacked one of the groups that has little public support and has helped to further marginalise them.

It is loathsome.


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