Friday, March 18, 2005

Michael Howard Abortion U-turn

So it emerges that Michael Howard voted for the 24 week abortion limit. I'm sure the looming election had nothing to do with the rather misleading position he gave to Cosmopolitan on the subject. I think Marx had a little catchphrase that might apply to Howard. "These are my principles, and if you don't like them, I have others". Groucho of course, not Karl.

Incidentally, Cosmo originally interviewed the Party leaders with a female PPC from each party as an example for the future of parliamentary womanhood. It seems that none of the well-coached PPCs said anything of significance as they were all cut brutally from the piece.

Their Party HQ handlers must be proud.

I think its more cock-up than conspiracy, God knows how many different votes there have been on the issue. Howard probably couldn't remember how many weeks he voted for, there have been votes for 28, 24, 22, 20. If Lynton thinks this is an issue to run with he's mistaken, its as much a negative as a positive with voters.

It would be easy for someone like Ruth Kelly to remember - because she never votes for abortion and has never changed her mind. Why was she kept away from Cosmo?

"I think its more cock-up than conspiracy"

I dare say most unwanted pregnancies are...


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