Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Tory Apparatchiks Hoodwink Dimbleby

I have just watched the end of Jonathan Dimbleby's election programme with Michael Howard. Someone raised the issue of the Tory private healthcare voucher scheme. After getting a bit of a kicking and vigourously defending this state subsidy for those who go private, Howard got a break when JD asked the audience who liked the idea.

After a moment of silence, a voice piped up and the camera zoomed in a young lady who proceeded to endorse the vouchers and Michael Howard.

Funnily enough, I know this young lady, whom I first met in the Red Lion. She was introduced to me by Annesley Abercorn, the chap who successfully organised a Tory fundraiser at Stringfellows.

The young lady's name escapes me, but I do recall that she's a confirmed member of the Conservative Party and employed at Conservative Campaign Headquarters during the election.

I was desperately fumbling with my phone so I could take a picture of her for you but couldn't work it out before she was off screen. But not to worry, I've found a picture of her behind Howard's right shoulder at his campaign launch on 5th April.

Who's that girl?Strangely, Michael Howard failed to recognise this girl who has been working in his office - either that or he was deliberately trying to mislead the public by having well-briefed, planted apparatchiks in the audience. If you know the name of the girl involved in this subterfuge, do remind me.

Recess Monkey

Hmmm. Tory in Audience of Political Programme during Election Campaign Shocker!
All parties try to get their people in the audience Recess, don't they?

The thing I don't understand about all this Tories will Privatise the NHS stuff is that I thought it was New Labour policy. Choice, private sector, profits etcetera. Thatcher never dared, but Milburn and Blair, they've already got operations paid for by the NHS being done in the private sector - sometimes even in France or Germany. What's the difference? Wittily, Michael Howard has even signed Labour's Keep the NHS free petition. Ha!

(I recognise that girl's face. Great pair of legs too if I recall correctly).


At 12:01 pm, Blogger Dave Sammels said...

Not employed at CCHQ, yes a Tory, and for a small fee I have her phone number... ;)

More seriously, do you think there is not a cross-section of people in the audience. I'd hardly complain if a Labour Party member endorsed a Labour policy...

At 3:08 pm, Blogger Recess Monkey said...

1 will happily live without phone numer

2. not impressed with the legs

Recess Monkey

At 7:40 pm, Blogger Dave Sammels said...

Haha, was simply attempting to provide a service to Guido!


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